Triple Camera for iPhone XS Max and OLED Screen for iPhone XR…


These would be the main rumors that are coming to the network from some media. The new iPhone this 2019 could add a triple camera in its largest model, the iPhone XS Max, the new iPhone XR would have this year the OLED screen and do not know what will happen with the LCD screens according to the Wall Street Journal could be left out this year.

So we can say that in this case the source is reliable and in Cupertino are preparing a batch of three new iPhone models for this year that should be more successful than the models launched last 2018. In any case we do not have to forget that this is just rumors and therefore nothing is confirmed either in the designs or in the specifications.

Rumors continue to mark a triple camera on iPhone XS

The well-known medium WSJ does not usually release news without being contrasted so we can say that the path of Apple and its iPhone seems to be more than marked this year. The new iPhone XS Max will have or could have one more lens and iPhone XR models will add the double camera in addition to the OLED screen. The truth is that the Retina displays (Apple LCD) look really good and the cost of these is somewhat lower than OLED so we do not understand very well this possible change, but the trend is to set aside Retina screens and pass all models to OLED in the future.

What remains a bit strange, not to say “ugly” directly, would be that they left the distribution of the three cameras of the iPhone XS Max in the way they have been seen in the leaks and in some images of the network. Despite this it seems that everything revolves in this environment and the next model of iPhone will add triple camera in the back.


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