The Nokia 9 Pureview would be presented at the end of January in Dubai


One of the most curious catalogs in the mobile world is undoubtedly that of Nokia. Not because it has strange motives, just the opposite. It’s funny because he has Schrödinger’s cell phone, a cell phone that seems to exist as it seems it does not. A Nokia 9 Pureview that suggests that it will be presented and then spend months in the fridge , without us knowing if it is canceled or if it was a dream.

It happens, however, that the leaks and rumors are accelerating , and all this indicates that their imminent presentation is approaching. Even leakers the likes of Evan Blass have already claimed their pound of meat in this process, so we can only agree that the Nokia 9 PureView would be on the verge of being official . The famous mobile of the five cameras, leaving the land of fantasy to set foot on the earth.

That’s the last we know of him, and information comes from the middle 91Mobiles , which is the exclusive date after having confirmed with own sources and industry sources. According to the media, the Nokia 9 Pureview will be presented at the end of the month in Dubai . A “end of the month” that for now does not respond to any specific date, but there is something else.

To this presentation in the desert would be joined another in the country of the Ganges. India would welcome a new presentation of the device the following month, and it is logical that the Nokia 9 Pureview visit Barcelona for the closing of the same month, thus presenting itself corporately at the Mobile World Congress of 2019

As for the supposed characteristics, the five rear cameras with LED flash that have been commented on ad nauseam, and that we have seen lately in several renders . Five cameras of between 16 and 5 megapixels for various functions not yet disclosed , and that is not ruled out that they are accompanied by a 3D TOF sensor for depth readings.

This peculiar back would hide a heart Snapdragon 845, accompanied by 8GB of RAM and with at least 128GB of basic internal storage, we would see if with more versions. The screen, 5.99 inches AMOLED QHD +, although a Plus with ratio 18: 9 and not 19: 9 or anything like that. Rectangular, without notch, or that seems by the renders .

In the battery, 4,150 mAh with fast charge Quick Charge 3.0 and a USB C port to load, transfer files and, apparently, extract the audio, because we would be in front of a phone without a headphone jack. As we have said, it is difficult to put this presentation date in stone due to bad previous leaks, but when the river sounds … So, we will be reserving date for the end of the month, in case we finally know the Nokia 9 PureView of 5 rear cameras


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