Redmi Note 7 vs Huawei Nova 4 vs Honor V20 vs Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Nokia 8.1


Redmi Note 7 against Huawei Nova 4, Honor V20, Xiaomi Mi A2, Nokia 8.1

Redmi becomes independent of Xiaomi and does so with a new Redmi Note 7 under his arm. It is a terminal that combines Snapdragon 660 with a double rear camera of 48 MP and a large battery of 4000 mAh. Do not be fooled by the specifications, it is really an entry-level terminal or economic mid-range.

But how is this new Redmi Note 7 against its main competition in Android? We are facing other terminals with 48 MP cameras like the Huawei Nova 4 or the Honor V20 as well as other mid-range terminals of similar specifications such as the Honor 10 Lite or the OPPO RX17 Neo

The Club of 48 Megapixels
A year ago we would have been surprised to find a 48-megapixel camera in a terminal that was not top of the range, although it was Huawei who broke the spear in favor of megapixels twice in its brand and sub-brand. The Redmi Note 7 shares megapixels with the Huawei Nova 4 and the Honor V20 , although each one does it with a different configuration.

In the Redmi Note 7, the 48 MP lens comes with another 5 MP lens , while in the Honor V20 it comes alone, but it is accompanied by a TOF sensor . In the Huawei Nova 4, the opposite: there are three lenses, one of 48 MP, another of 16 MP and a third of 2 MP.

Beyond the 48 MP, what prevails between the terminals of this comparison are the dual cameras. The closest to Redmi Note 7 is the Xiaomi Mi A2 with its 20 + 12 MP , followed by the OPPO RX17 Neo with its 16 + 2 MP and with Honor 10 Lite and BQ Aquaris X2 Pro with 13 + 2 MP and 12 + 5 MP respectively.

Battery long life
The Redmi Note 7 is great, but not giant. It is about two millimeters higher than the Huawei Nova 4 and almost as high as the OPPO RX17 Neo, with a thickness of 8.1 mm. very in line with the rest. However, for some reason inside it is one of the batteries with greater capacity among the models of our comparison, tied with the Honor V20.

They are about 4,000 mAh that should provide a good autonomy, and it does not take an eternity to recharge them because it is compatible with Quick Charge Quick Charge 4.0. After Redmi Note 7 and Honor V20, the closest is the Huawei Nova 4, but note that these two models play in a league of prices much higher than the Redmi Note 7

Price variation
At the moment we do not know the price that the Redmi Note 7 will have outside China, although we have other models in our comparison that are in the same situation and, therefore, share the same currency. It is not, of course, a scientific comparison, but at least it serves as an approximation .

The Redmi Note 7 makes a bit of a trap with the price because the most economical version of it only has 3 GB of memory, which is a bit fair today. Now, the 4GB + 64GB version still costs It is less than half of the Huawei Nova 4 or Honor V20 , both with a 48 MP camera, although with other premium features such as the camera integrated into the screen.
The comparison with the other cheaper models is more complicated, because we do not know how much it will cost in India. Right now both Redmi Note 6 Pro and Redmi Note 5 are available for the most basic version with the 4 + 64 GB, and it is possible that this Redmi Note 7 goes there if it ends up arriving in our country. We only guess, but if it were in that price range it would offer a great quality / price ratio.


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