5G Modems for iPhones


Although 5G technology is still not available in any country, many manufacturers have begun designing their new terminals to be compatible with this new mobile data communication protocol with which we will achieve a higher connection speed. of other functions.

While the legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple continues, which has already made the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 can not be sold in Germany, Qualcomm is being investigated, in addition, by the FTC for using anti-competitive tactics to continue being the main supplier of chips. of communication of the main manufacturers of smartphones.

During the trial, several witnesses have passed through the trial, which has led to the filtering of interesting and unknown information so far . Tony Blevins, executive of Apple’s production chain, says they are considering buying 5G / LTE modems from Samsung, Intel and MeditaTek for the next generation of iPhone that will be released in September 2019.

Qualcomm has been the only supplier of chips for the iPhone from 2011 to 2016 , ending the exclusive that it had with Apple in 2016 with the launch of the iPhone 7. With the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple began to use communication chips from both Intel and of Qualcomm. Most, if not all, of the iPhone that the company has launched into the market these past two years, use a modem manufactured by Intel, but it seems that Intel’s exclusivity is about to end.

According to Blevins, during the period in which Apple used only Qualcomm chips, Apple had wanted to use chips from other suppliers, but had signed an exclusivity agreement with Qualcomm as the company offered significant discounts on patent licenses to discourage Apple and that we try to diversify your provider.

In this way, in 2013, Apple stopped working with Intel, who was in charge until the moment of the manufacture of the iPad Mini 2 chps, since he did not want to lose the discounts that Qualcomm was offering him , since the prices that Intel offered was unattractive.

When Apple started using various suppliers (2016-2017) it was when the legal problems between both companies began to affect their relationship in a very deep and negative way, which led the Cupertino-based company to exclusively use Intel chips.


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